Meet Surbhi

An experienced online German teacher with a passion for helping students reach their full potential.

Online german lessons with surbhi

I’ve always had a passion for reaching and teaching students right where they are.

Which makes online education the perfect way to help students achieve their dreams while having a fun and engaging experience! With over 15 years of experience in teaching language courses – as well as years of education practice at the Goethe Institut – I have had the opportunity to work with students around the world through online learning. When I work with a student it’s more than teaching. It’s a journey through learning that will set them up for future success!

Online german lessons with surbhi

Passionate & Personalized

Working with each student and group directly allows me to build personalised, needs-based course plans that help students grow and excel in their strengths - setting them up for a future of learning.

Online german lessons with surbhi


I have a vast array of experience - working as a German language teacher for 15 years, teaching with the Goethe Institut for several years and an online German teacher for 3 years. I have also worked with various schools and international companies to develop teaching programmes.

Online german lessons with surbhi


Having obtained my law degree and as a certified examiner for the Goethe Institut, I am trained in how to help students from all corners of the world reach their full potential. With a working knowledge of English, German, Spanish, and Hindi, there are no language barriers here!

Online german lessons with surbhi

A Love For Travel

I know a thing or two about the world because I’ve been all around this beautiful Earth! As a lover of travel and cultures, I have discovered the incredible opportunities that learning a variety of languages can bring to an individual.

Online german lessons with surbhi


I’m a firm believer that learning should be fun and full of laughter. As we journey through our courses together, you will discover that I am quite the polyglot, animal-lover, food-enthusiast, board-gamer, and photography fanatic. (Want to learn more? Sign up for a class with me today!)

Online german lessons with surbhi


When it comes to teaching, my devotion to my student’s success is my top priority. I am always up for a challenge, and my ability to listen and respond to your specific, unique need in your learning journey makes me the perfect German learning partner.

Why Take My Courses?

What to expect when you learn with Surbhi.

In my German language lessons, you can expect to cover all four vital skills – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Most importantly, we will cover the essential aspects of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

I educate students in German language-learning using course books that are prescribed by the Goethe Institut. The structure of courses and books helps to guide students through each lesson, which gives them a helpful roadmap and tracks how far along they are in their language journey. If students would prefer to take the course without using books, we can still make the lessons fit your personal preferences! No matter your language level, each of my lessons is adapted and personalised to a student’s individual needs.

Ready to get started growing your German language abilities? Contact me today to learn more!

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