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Online german lessons with surbhi

Lernen Sie Surbhi kennen: Ein Pädagoge mit der Mission, Schülern zu helfen, die deutsche Sprache zu beherrschen.

Mit über 15 Jahren Erfahrung im Unterrichten von Studenten aus der ganzen Welt und 3 Jahren Online-Deutschunterricht weiß ich, was es braucht, um ein Fach wie eine Fremdsprache zu lernen und zu beherrschen. Wenn Sie mit mir zusammenarbeiten, werden Sie die Fähigkeiten entdecken, um Ihr Selbstvertrauen beim Sprachenlernen zu stärken – eine Eigenschaft, die Sie überall auf der Welt hinbringen kann!

Online german lessons with surbhi


I enjoy my German lessons with Surbhi. Having taken other private and group classes before, this is the first time I am making tremendous improvement with German as Surbhi is a great teacher and because it’s done online, it's very flexible for me. I highly recommend Surbhi if you want to learn German as a foreign language and I will stay with her as I continue to study German for work and personal reasons.

- YeeMin L., Zurich Switzerland

I’ve been an A2 student for 9 months now and I could highly recommend Surbhi for anyone looking to improve their German. The classes are fun, interactive and flexible depending on your needs. I always look forward to them and can see significant progress.

- Dawid D., Zurich, Switzerland

I have been a student of surbhi for just over a year. She has helped me go from barely knowing how to spell my name in German to progressing into A2 level in a short amount of time. The lessons are very well structured so that you can see your progress each week. All of the online lessons using google classrooms work really well with multiple exercise pages given as homework. An excellent teacher who will get me to speak fluent German in no time.

- Samuel T., Liss, UK

Surbhi is one of the best language teachers I've ever had. She gives clear corrections and positive feedback so every class is really really worthwhile.

- Francine L., Chichester, UK

Learning German with Surbhi was fun, engaging and highly effective. My German level significantly improved, and my Wednesday evening class was always the highlight of my week. She is a highly skilled teacher, who explains the language clearly and really well supports her students with any challenges they may encounter along the way. I would highly recommend learning German with Surbhi to anyone interested in improving their language skills.

- Halina M., Winchester, UK

I have been having a great time learning German with Surbhi. She is a lively person full of passion in having conversation with people and teaching German. For those who feel shy applying unfamiliar languages, an one-on-one German course is definitely a good choice for you. Surbhi is so experienced that she can easily capture what you mean, even if you cannot yet structure the sentences with perfect grammar. Then, of course, she will smoothly guide you and note down the mistakes you made, and facilitate you to restructure the sentence. By this way, you can boost your confidence for speaking German in daily life. For those who can already speak some German, Surbhi can help fine-tuning the language and to help you differentiate subtle differences between terms, so you will be able to apply the language more precisely.

-Ms. Lo aus Taiwan

I began taking German lessons from Surbhi after the recommendation of one of her students. Even in a couple of months, my German has improved significantly. Surbhi is very professional and a highly experienced German teacher who is brilliant at her job and she also tailors the lessons based on your language needs. I really enjoy the structure of our classes and can not recommend her enough to anyone looking for a German teacher.

- Selin G., London, UK

I have had german lessons with Surbhi for nearly 2 years now, and wholeheartedly recommend her! When we started classes my knowledge of german was very muddled - I had done various courses now and again over the years, as well as picking up spoken language from german relations. We have basically followed Goethe Institut courses, but she has added so much more value from our conversations and grammar sessions. She has very much tailored her lessons to suit my needs and aptitudes (I have a terrible memory!). She gives the best, clearest explanations of german grammar I have ever come across, and is not only patient but also full of fun. Lessons are never boring. We used to have lessons face-to-face and as I am not very IT proficient I was resistant to moving online. However, since lock-down we have carried on with weekly Google-Classroom lessons, and they are brilliant. The technology is really straight-forward from my point of view - there is little to do at my end, except do as I'm told, accept invitations and click on links. Our lap top screens are split so that we can see each other on one half of the screen, whilst working on a "blackboard" on the other side. She can play audio material too, and share exercises with me which I complete online and she then looks at online. It's all so easy. And at the end of each lesson I can print off our work if I want to keep a hard copy as well. A final thought: my husband is half-german and bilingual and is also really impressed by what and how Surbhi teaches me.

- Joanna L., Chichester, UK

I’ve just started taking German lessons with surbhi and it’s been great. I love how individualized the lessons are, for example my goal is to get more comfortable in conversation so we always start our lessons with around 15 minutes of conversation. She’s highly organized which makes it super easy when it comes to following the lesson plan. When I don’t understand something, Surbhi uses the screen to explain and elaborate on it ! Lastly, having a pretty busy schedule made finding a German class nearby really difficult. I love how flexible Surbhi is, and the fact that I can learn from the comfort of my own home! I would definitely recommend her if you’re interested in getting started or improving your knowledge of German!

- Olga M., Zurich, Switzerland

My husband and I decided to learn a language and since we both travelled a lot, German was our unanimous choice. Surbhi is an extremely soft spoken and gentle person both of which are lovely qualities for a teacher. She was extremely patient with us and always motivated us to keep going despite us wanting to give up considering our busy schedules and our professions.

- Vandana and Samir V., New Delhi, India

Surbhi is a wonderful teacher and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a certified German instructor at a reasonable price. She is very professional and it is evident that she has had many years of experience teaching German and understanding the different CEFR levels. Her lessons are very well organized and fun! Surbhi is always open to feedback from her students so that the lessons are tailored to their unique needs and preferences, ensuring that they are able to meet their goals.

- Deesha M., Zurich, Switzerland

Surbhi’s classes were always really well structured, whilst also being very enjoyable! My confidence to read, speak and understand German improved a lot under her tutelage and the group I was part of really bonded as a result of her teaching style.

- Dan S., Winchester, UK

After learning basic German in university, I took a long break before resuming my A1 German study with Surbhi from my friend's recommendation. Surbhi's teaching methods are tailored to my needs, so I do not have to worry if I am able to catch up after taking a break for so long. Apart from that, within a timeframe of an hour of lesson per week, I managed to revise my basic German and learn a lot. Under her guidance, I am now more confident and comfortable to speak German even though I'm still at A1 level.

- Faez F., Subang Jaya, Malaysia

Surbhi has been my German teacher since I started learning German. She is very professional in online teaching, so it is easy to follow the classes.1:1 classes allows Surbhi to give me the attention I needed to work on my weaknesses and progress stronger in the language.

- Nur O., Bern, Switzerland

“Surbhi ist die beste! She’s got a real talent in teaching. Surbhi has a structure, logic, and attention to detail and of course an incredible person who you simply want to chat and the only way it’s in German. She somehow naturally helps you learn the language without realizing it how fast you can improve and become fluent.”

- Nastia F., Zürich, Switzerland

Online german lessons with surbhi

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